Sadly, many married couples end up experiencing irreconcilable differences which ultimately end in the decision to get a divorce.

This itself can be extremely stressful but there are also many other things, many of them financial, that you have to consider when separating: things like what to do about the split of assets such as your house.

During a divorce, Selling your house is something that you may have to address whether you want to or not and in order to ensure that both parties can move on as quickly as possible, a quick house sale could be necessary.


Divorce – Do I Have To Sell My House ?

Not necessarily. There are many ways to deal with the property when you have decided to divorce. For instance, one of you can remain in the property and you can both come to a suitable agreement as to the sale of the house sometime in the future. Perhaps you can wait until the mortgage is paid off or your children are older or you could pass the property onto your children once they are old enough.

Alternatively, selling now could very well be a much better idea, especially if you both want to make a fresh start. Ultimately, it’s a case of discussing what both parties want to do.

We stress that you should try and avoid these things being taken to court; the costs of doing so really are astonishing

Selling Your House After A Divorce .

If you decide to go down the route of a lease option on your property, we will take over your mortgage payments as well as the maintenance of your property until you are in a position to sell it in the future.

If you have a property that you need to sell your house very fast, then using an estate agent in the current market is extremely unpredictable; the over-supply of properties at present means your house could be up for sale for a long time, all the while, you could be advised by the agent to keep reducing the price to attract potential buyers. However, if your property doesn’t have enough equity, that would not be the best idea.

Once the paperwork is signed, which can take as little as 7 days, you are able to move out of the property without any further burden from it. We will appoint an independent specialist solicitor to act on your behalf and we will also pay all your legal fees.

We simply agree on a time period that suits you, to fulfill this obligation. Until then, we have an option to buy your house at an agreed price but we will be taking over your mortgage and looking after your property.

Remember, you are completely free from any obligation for this property during this period. It is as if you have sold your house.

Selling Your House Before A Divorce .

Selling your house before the divorce gives both parties the chance to move on with their lives quickly. Letting go of the marital home as soon as possible might make it easier for you to enjoy the next chapter of your life.

However, the UK property market is unpredictable even at the best of times. If you have decided to sell up before your divorce has been finalized you may have to wait a long time depending on how much you want for your house. Added time may lead to other complications.

Generally, people who are looking to sell before their divorce are looking to get things done fast so they can move on with their lives. This might not be the right decision as divorces can be mentally (and financially) draining. People often make rash decisions which could end up costing them financially in the long run if they want to push through with a sale.

Buying Out Your Spouse

The obvious benefit of being able to stay in the house is you get to stay right where you are and continue with the rest of your life. Your children get to stay where they are and continue going to the same school. If you work close by you won’t have to worry about commuting or finding a new job. The benefits are endless.

There is of course one huge obstacle that won’t allow you to do this and that is the cost. If you’re unable to afford it or can’t come to some sort of agreement with your former spouse then unfortunately, this is not an option for you.

Understanding and Protecting Your Property Rights

It’s in both party’s interests to protect your rights to the property. This means that either partner cannot sell, transfer or increase the mortgage without the other’s consent.

It also means that neither of you can be pressured into leaving the property.

Selling your house due to divorce

Is just one of many things that you will have to deal with during this difficult time, and the faster you can get this done the less of a burden it will be. Some couples who go through a divorce decide to go down the regular route of getting an estate agent on board to deal with the sale. However, this can cause huge delays when you are selling your house after a divorce, and this can impact on the overall stress relating as it means things drag on for months on end.

Let Us Help You With A Quick House Sale

While divorce is never going to be easy, you can ease the strain by getting help with selling your house after a divorce. Selling your property quickly can become a real challenge in the current climate, which is why some couples who split up look at other alternatives. With the right help you can sell your house without delay following your divorce making it easier to draw a line and move forward.

Your house could be sold in as little as 28 days as opposed to an average three to six months if you go through an estate agent. 

You also get to avoid many Property sale fees such as valuation and solicitor fees, all of which can prove costly, especially when you already have to cope with other costs relating to divorce.

If you want to sell your house fast, can buy it in a matter of days.
If you have any questions whatsoever, give us a quick call or fill in an online form so we may contact you and discuss your options.

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